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Kathmandu Bhaktapur Heritage Tour

Kathmandu Bhaktapur Heritage Tour

If you are wondering to explore an awesome place within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur is one of the best choices. Bhaktapur is a city of incredible culture, religion, and ancient art in the Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur, the ancient city is blessed with superb architectural buildings, countless stunning temples and pagoda along with traditional Newari culture, heritage. This fascinating medieval city is filled with old religious temples, a blend of art and southern mythology, finest architectural durbars, cultural heritages, the century-old arts and many more. Exploring the stunning monuments like the pagoda and shikhara style of temples, traditional Buddhist monasteries, Vihars Vahid, stone water spouts, impressive stupas, City gates, autistics private houses and other historical and cultural heritage is really amazing.

Kathmandu Bhaktapur Heritage Tour (Trip Highlights)

  • Visit UNESCO Heritage site and best-preserved ancient Royal Complex inside Kathmandu Valley
  • Witness Century Old Heritage, Nepali Architecture, Newari Traditions and Culture
  • See traditional Pottery technique and mud work at Pottery Square
  • Taumadhi Square: Nyatpolo Temple, Bhairab temple and Tilmadhev temple etc.
  • Potter Square: Various shape of clay made pots, an old profession in the world.

Kathmandu Bhaktapur Heritage Tour Information

Kathmandu Bhaktapur Heritage Tour

The Bhaktapur city lies about 20km east of Kathmandu and is easily accessible that we can reach within a 40 minutes’ drive. You will be overwhelmed when you see uncountable monuments with their fascinating structures; the building of the living Goddess, the red monkey god, the status of various Kal Bhairab all the stunning buildings are the great achievements of the Malla dynasty. Most of the temples such as the temple of Goddes Taleju are in the pagoda architectural style which is really spectacular to witness. The Golden Gate, The Lion Gate, Palace of Fifty-five Windows, Art gallery, Statue of King Bhupendra Malla and many more are major attractions in Bhaktapur that attract many travellers every year throughout the world.

Many travellers consider Changunarayan, the oldest and historic temple as a living museum of carving from Lichhbai dynasty. The temple is listed as a World Heritage Site and attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Beside artistic architectural monuments, Bhaktapur is also famous for an outstanding panoramic view of mountains and cityscape. 

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