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Dolkha Charikot | One of the best place to visit Nepal

From Bhimeshwor temple’s power of impersonating three different gods in a single day to the 3800 m high spirits of Kalinchwok Goddess, Dolakha is a place like heaven for the Hindu devotees.
The shining beauty of Mt. Gaurishankar, Jiri village, Kuri valley and the busy city of Charikot, all reflect Dolakha’s clean environment, gracious community, and beautiful sceneries.
Visit in Dolkha Nepal | Visit Nepal

Visit in Dolkha Nepal | Visit Nepal

We started our journey (Best Place To Visit in Dolkha Nepal)  from Sanga, went through Dhulikhel, and reached Dolalghat; a place where two rivers Sunkoshi an Indrawati meet. As we reached Khadichaur, we parted way from Araniko highway and went uphill towards Charikot.

Situated at the headquarters of Dolakha, Charikot city has been the central hub for the travellers around. It has also been an important place for the local villagers. Charikot is also the starting point to travel around many places. Places like Jiri, Kalinchwok, Bhimeshwor Temple, who are rich culture and landscapes. While roaming around in Charikot, the mesmerizing view of Mt. Gaurishankar caught our eyes.
We spend that night in Charikot. Early in the next morning, we went towards Bhimeshwor Temple. Bhimeshwor Temple is one of the popular holy sites in Nepal. Just 4 KM north from Charikot, this temple was believed to be established in some ancient times. This temple portrays three different gods in three different times of a day. Lord Bhimeshwor in the morning. Lord Mahadev during the day. And Lord Narayan in the evening.
It is believed that Bhimeshwor blesses the worshippers with energy. We felt the same energy and then moved towards the Kuri village.

Gaurishangkhar Mountain

Gaurishangkhar Mountain

Gaurishangkhar Mountain

The Kuri village not only stands as the place to hike for Kalinchwok Temple but also carries its own touristic importance. At the time of cold winter, the 300 Meters altitude of Kuri village offers snow all around and attracts people from different places. Kuri seems to be in a rapid phase development. The village offers a cheerful and peaceful environment for winter sports like skiing.
The visitors come here to play with the Snow, perform skilling and go for a hike towards Kalinchwok. We spent a great evening here.

Kalinchwok Dolkha

Kalinchwok Dolkha
Kalinchwok Dolkha
After finishing the morning rituals we moved towards Kalinchwok temple. People can reach the hilltop of Kalinchwok taking a short hike of 2-3 hours. People can also take a ride in a cable-car. We went on foot, just to feel the cold climate on our way.

Situated at the top of the hill, 3850 meters of altitude, this holy place is an important religious and tourism site. This temple celebrates the big festival of Dashain, the full moon of November, and the festival of holy thread in its premise. Since ancient times, Kalinchwok is positioned on top of a precarious hill. It holds itself around such teachers surrounding and it carries its stories on myths and heroism.

The five Pandavas of the holy book Mahabharat is said to have meditated in the caves nearby. So, people believe that worshipping this goddess will fulfil all their needs. Kalinchwok is a magical place. The goddess stands still on a high hill with a trident as her weapon and divine bells all around. All the other hills around are protected with her powerful waves. We also felt a different energy in this altitude.

We also felt a different energy in this high altitude. Sometimes we even felt like being above the cloud. Now, as the morning unfolds, we can see a long progression of people coming uphill. If weather favours, we can even see a long range of mountains from here.

After a short while, we returned back to Kuri village and rested for a while. After a short break, we began our journey to Jiri. We were already in loves with the beautiful landscapes, the mountains around and the rivers, as we passed by. The fresh flowing water of Tamakoshi welcomed us with its peaceful sound. And the cold breeze flowing through the green leaves of pine forest reached us, as we took some rest.

Jiri, a small village, rich in its natural beauty, is sometimes compared with Switzerland. Surrounded by joyful hills, Jiri has been a major touristic site for people who want to feel the cold wind that flows around. The indigenous community of Jirel, touch our heart with their rich culture and music. And the beautiful temple of the Lord Jireshwor touches our soul with divinity.

Most of the people in Jiri are farmers. They cultivate crops like rice grains, maize, etc. and vegetables like a potato. They also produce dairy items like Yark Cheese. Now, one of the biggest of jersey cows. They are also involved in scientific and organic agriculture. Farmers from different parts of Nepal, come here to learn, new methods of farming and modern techniques of raising animals. Other people come here to spend quality time with their friends and relatives. They travel around the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the delightful weather.

The major trail to Mt.Everest starts from Jiri: So, some tourists come home to start their journey towards Mt. Everest. The first conquerors of this tallest peak, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa also started their journey from Jiri. That’s why Jiri is called the ‘Gateway to Everest’

After knowing this fact, we went to see the cottage where these two greats stayed.
People say that travel teaches you a lot. Our journey ends today in Jiri. But in these days we got the chance to learn and feel a lot of things which are truly valuable in life.

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